Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Political Post: Government Social Responsibility

Government social responsibility is crucial for our society. The people of a country expect their government to lead in a way that will ultimately create the best environment for them to live in. The government has a responsibility to do what is right for its people, regardless if it benefits them or not. Government should be selfless. Government should act ethically towards issues such as the environment, economics, and culture. This way government would be able to have a positive effect on society. Social responsibility is not necessary, but it is an intelligent thing to do. It shows the people that the government actually does care by taking the steps to benefit the people in some way, as opposed to only trying to benefit itself.

Government social responsibility is important because the United States is a country of the people. A few men in government run things most of the time, but when Americans unite under a common cause the country is run by the people. Ultimately, the people have the final say. They elect the president, the House of Representatives, congress, and the senate. This puts a great deal of power into the peoples’ hands for changing things in America. This is why it is important for the government to look out for the peoples’ best interests. In order to keep themselves happy, the government must keep the people happy. There are many ways to do that, but none more important than changing the environment that the people live in for the better. This is because it helps preserve the Earth, it saves the people and the government money, and it makes the world a healthier place to live. Social responsibility is a necessary thing for keeping the balance. It maintains a friendly and amiable relationship between a government and the people that support it.


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Any comments or thoughts on this?


  1. How would you define government social responsibility? And how far does it stretch? I see you have included the environment which many governments seem to ignore.

  2. I'm not sure about the UK or England, but I know for the U.S. I would say it's also the obligation to tell the truth, stop the abuse of power that sometimes overcomes them, and the obligation to not run government like it is a business. Government was not installed to make money, they were installed to lead and support the people. What about you Em?

  3. That is so true - I think many governments (especially in UK) forget that. A ogernment is meant to serve its public, not make money out of them.